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Why you should NEVER Fly United Airlines

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

We are new to United and use to flying with American. We clearly do not understand their policies.

They make you go through security a second time at the gate. This means no water in your water bottles and no new sealed water bottles that can come through security.

Then they trap you inside your gate for an hour before your United flight #UA1856 from Panama City to Houston takes off. Is this a TSA requirement or an airline requirement?

Once you start to board, you have waited at least an hour and you are excited to get on your flight. You ask for water, but the flight attendants have been well trained not to give out water to those with personal water bottles.

You finally take off thinking soon you will have water. By the time they start the drink and food carts, you have waited two hours without water. Unfortunately we are in row 31. By the time they get to our row (2:52pm), we have waited over three hours for water, but we have been patient and polite. We think finally we will be able to at least fill our water bottles half way, but wrong again.

They will give you a cup full of ice and a 12 ounce can of soda, but the water limit is two 4 ounce cups. I ask since the airlines are so into charging for everything these days, can I buy a bottle of water? Absolutely not. Are you kidding?

To make matters worse we are traveling with a child that has been recovering from being sick. She is not 100 percent yet, still coughing, and very uncomfortable. After repeatedly requesting water for our 15 year-old child from our flight attendant Aurora, we only get the “water policy” repeated back to us. They cannot serve more than the allotted amount of water, but give us a small 4 ounce water cup brought to us.

You would think that the flight staff would be moved to have some compassion to act outside of the “policy” that is apparently expecting too much.

There is no compassion for a child’s comfort, no care at all.

This is what $5,000 buys you.

No customer service and no common decency to your fellow man.

I can spend $8 per screen to get movies ($48 for 6 passengers), meals $8-10 each ($48-60), and alcoholic drinks from $8-10 each.

Oh and let’s not forget how they pedal their credit card right and left to make sure we go into debt that we can not afford.

But we can not purchase water.

You could purchase 10 meals that you don’t need and a few mixed drinks and everyone except the dog gets a credit card,

but you can not buy the one thing that you need on the flight.


The one thing that will make you feel better you can not buy.

No water for you!

Let’s not encourage healthy living.

Let’s not try to keep from getting sick.

Let’s not give our bodies the one thing it needs to heal itself,

the one thing that cools your throat,

the one thing that helps your liver filter the toxins out of your body,

the one thing that keeps you from getting a kidney infection or bladder infection.

Let’s instead pump as much stupid, mindless advertising as we can in front of our passengers while we have them captive in our planes in hopes that we can get even more revenue out of them.

But let’s not sell the one thing you want…water.

Let’s let people feel like a prisoner.

A trapped rat.

No water for you.

No caring for another human being.

No, let’s be treated like a beggar on the street after we pay them $5,000 for this terrible service.

If you want to enjoy your trip that you saved for and looked forward to for so long, you better stay away from United Airlines.

It is clear that United just considers their passengers a source of revenue.

The new advertisement for United Airlines should say, “Lets squeeze as much money as we can out of their wallets”.

United Airlines is definitely "Not the Friendly Skies".

Therefore I say let’s vote with our dollars and let’s put this airline out of business. No one should be treated this way. #unitedairlines

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