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A Teenager's View Point on Video Games

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

I have a 13 year old son and almost all kids his age like to play video games. I asked him what were his pressing issues on his mind and he said he did not think that video games were worse than tv.

My son believes when you watch tv you can space out for hours on end and not even move a muscle. However, when you play video games you are interacting with your friends and the game.

One characteristic I noticed while my son was playing video games, he talks non stop with his friends and while watching tv he does not say a word. This is my child that is normally quiet and reserved, but while playing video games becomes social.

Sometimes I just enjoy sitting in the next room listening to him talk. Sometimes I even learn so many things going on at school by listening.

We have a gaming log that listed any of his friends user names and their contact information.

My son is a very active young boy and this has yet to change his activity level. He would rather go to the park and kick a ball around, but he plays video games when he has down time. With this being said, he rarely plays for more than an hour and then has so much energy, he leaves the house to take the dogs for a walk or go work out.

We waited until my son was 12 years old to have any video games in our home. They occasionally played them at family members homes, but we chose not to have them in our home.

Then our son, who is not a saver, asked if he saved enough to purchase an XBOX would we allow it in our home. We spent lots of time on this and thought of both sides, but were so excited that he wanted to save his own money! He worked hard by vacuuming cars and the carpets and swept out garages and porches. Basically, I had the cleanest house possible!

I don’t know if video games are right for your family,

but they have worked with our family.

We set limits on video games just like we would their tv times.

We are also selective on the type of video game played.

We have a gaming log that listed any of his friends user names and their contact information.

He has to have their name on the log before he can play with them.

Our kids have to have all their chores done and be ready for school the next day with their lunches packed and then they can play for small amounts.

As always, parenting is the hardest job. Hopefully our experiences might help you formulate your own rules with your preteens.

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