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To the mother doing her best,

We as mothers try to do everything for everyone. We are the multitaskers that have so many balls in the air that we take no time for ourselves. We think if we take our eye off everyone else just for a minute, the world would come crashing down.

To the mother I see daily that is so hard on herself, stop. We do everything. We are our family’s everything. Everyone needs us twenty five hours a day. Stop and take a breath.

We cannot take care of the world if we do not do something nice for ourselves.

Thank you for being in my life!

You are doing an amazing job. No one else can do what you do. You are everything to so many.

You are the wife.

You are the bus driver.

You are the daughter.

You are the nurse.

You are the dog walker.

You are the event planner.

You are the chef.

You are the friend.

You are the grocery shopper.

You are the secretary.

You are the budget lady.

You are the cleaning lady.

We need to remember this when we speak with each other. Lift each other up. Speak from a caring place. Let’s stop belittling each other. We are all amazing. The world could not continue without us.

To the mother who is doing her best, I am learning so much from you. Thank you for being in my life. You are keeping me going. Your ideas are fresh and important. I need your support and am so thankful for you.

As special as you are, you have to take care of yourself first. We all need you to take an hour to pamper yourself. Truly love on yourself and do not feel guilty. You need this.

Thank you for being in my life,

Another mother doing her best

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