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To my 13 year old Son,

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

I want you to enjoy your home. As parents we have made this amazing home for you. Everything is done for you.

Your laundry is done.

Dinner is on the table.

Your bills are paid.

Your furniture is new and comfortable.

You have a nice tv and laptop to relax in front of.

Do not misunderstand us. We love you so much. That is why we have given you everything you could want for. We want your life to be full and wonderful. We just want you to know it is your life.

We want you to remember everything we have taught you so you can take it into your own family.

We want you to be the eagle that sores. We want you to rise and sometimes fall on your own power. We love you too much to take away the dignity of your own decisions.

Make no mistake, we will always be here to help you, to counsel you, and give you advice.

We want you to go to college. We want you to have an apartment and be with your friends. We want you to be in a career that you love and eventually fall in love, marry and have your own family.

We want you to remember everything we have taught you so you can take it into your own family.

We want you to live by the principals we have taught you.

You are an amazing young man.

We know you will be the best husband and father to your family.

Before you can rise to your abilities and flourish as a young man you will need to leave this comfortable home when you are 21. You must start your life without us. We want you to start your life.

We will be fine.

We will always be here to support you in all your choices.

We will be here for guidance if you need it, but you know what to do and how to live your life.

We will be fine without you in our home. Your father and I have our own interests. We want to reconnect as a couple and start dating again. We will always look forward to hearing about all your accomplishments and watching you change and grow.

We love you, but before we all know it you will finish growing up by getting your own place.

Soon we will say good-bye and good luck my sweet son!

Your loving parents

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