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To my friends and family that may not read this,

Let me tell you about something that recently happened to me.

For any of you who have ever started something for yourself or have had something you are excited about and tried to share it with someone you love with little encouragement from them.

This is for you!

With that being said, I have tried to support them in everything that they have been interested in. I have sat in church with them. I have helped teach classes that they needed help with. I have gone to parties with them that I did not want to go to because I did not know anyone there. I have listened to current events that I did not care about.

I do all this because I love them.

I do not think that I ask for much in return.

I have finally started something for myself. I created my website, Organized Lifestyle, to support and encourage others going through some of the same things that I am going through.

They have never discouraged me verbally.

They have never put me down for wanting to have something for myself.

But, they have never encouraged me either.

They see me trying to stretch myself, but they say nothing.

They see me writing and say nothing.

They see me learning new formats on the computer and say nothing.

They see me trying to stretch myself, but they say nothing.

I do not talk bad about them because they are wonderful and I am lucky to have them in my life. However, this got me to thinking that maybe other people have someone in their life that is not supportive. Maybe you need only the encouragement that they can give. Maybe you are having these same feelings that I am keeping bottled up inside. Maybe we could all feel better if we did talk about these feelings.

Will this ever be something that they can admire me for?

Will this ever be something that they are proud that I did?

Will they ever be able to express their joy towards me?

Whether they support me or not, I will always support them. I will be by their side always. I will always love them. I am just hoping that there is more for me.

I do not know what the answer or solution is for me. I have had tough times as I am sure you have had too. I just hope they can someday take the time to read what I am creating.

I hope they hear the love in my voice.

Because they are someone who is very important to me.

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