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Why Does Your School System Matter?

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

I am not a teacher.

I was not blessed with the patience and love a teacher needs.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I love my children.

I can patiently listen to their day and help them navigate through life.

But that is parenting.

I don’t have patience for the common core problems of the world or teaching three ways to get the same mathematical problem.

I am convinced that takes a very special person to be a teacher.

We started with our first child in a traditional school. They wanted to “deal” with our bored child by moving them up a grade. With girls we did not want the social issues with our daughter being the youngest among her peers.

Then we tried a non-denominational private school for our daughter with a high classical background and a Montessori school for our son. The classical school was great at challenging our daughter, but we disagreed with the religious undertones. The Montessori was a good fit, but we did not like our son only around the elite of the city.

Not to mention that both of these options were too expensive.

Then we tried a catholic school. Once again, they wanted to move our children up a year or make them teacher assistants. My kids do not like teaching others. I know the argument, teaching others helps you learn the concept better. For our kids, they get frustrated when a child is not quick to learn a concept and then my kids check out. So having my kids teach does not really help them learn the concept.

Now we were left with the scary choice.

Homeschool or not.

We knew we were going to be relocated out of state for my husband’s job in 6-9 months. Our children thought it would be more difficult to leave their friends in the middle of the school year, so we took the plunge.

I had mentors to lead me to find a curriculum.

I found a church group that taught homeschooled children different classes.

We took classes at museums, nature preserves, and the zoo.

We went to Homeschooling Conferences.

I joined Facebook groups.

But I did not like coming up with lesson plans.

This frustration crossed over to my parenting ability.

Bottom line…I felt like a terrible teacher and a terrible parent.

Then we moved to a new state in January. I did not know anyone. I had no more groups. My mentors were gone. I did not know school districts. So we tried K12, an online school system.

I no longer had to create lesson plans, but we could school when we wanted. We had control to skip lessons if they went against our beliefs. Now we did not even have to help with homework. If our children had a question, they showed up for that teacher’s daily office hours to get their questions answered. I no longer had to even feel guilty for missing out on field trips.

I am not saying that online schooling is a perfect fit for everyone, but it has been a blessing for our family. I believe online schooling is overlooked in most cases. So if you are not satisfied with your schooling options, online might be a good fit. Good luck with this hard parenting choice.

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