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Surviving 2 puppies

Updated: May 31, 2019

We bought a Cavapoo a few months before our 10 year old Cavalier King Charles passed. We knew this passing was inevitable, but that did not make it any easier to say goodbye. After he passed, the house was still sad. So we got another puppy, another Cavalier.

So we had two puppies that were two months apart in age. Crazy right? Now that one is a year old and the other is 10 months, we have a lot of puppy advice.

First, get this chew toy click here (aff). This chew toy is the only toy you will ever need. Ours is chewed on by 2 puppies for almost 1 year and it barely looks touched. Also, it makes their breath smell better which is a must when puppies lose their teeth and smell of bloody pennies.

If you spend the time and train them right, I think you can thrive with one puppy or two.

Second, is this ear cleaner click here (aff) that not only keeps their ears smelling great, but most importantly keeps them from getting ear infections anytime they are groomed or get wet in any form. Our puppies are now used to getting this dropped in each ear after someone grooms them or they go swimming. Little dogs are known for getting ear infections.

My last lifesaver is a training collar click here (aff). Now this is different than a shock collar. This training collar can have a setting of 1-4 for vibration. This vibration is pushed when you want their attention. It is like your cell phone to your puppy. Our puppies react to a level one which I cannot feel until you get to level three.

In the first use, we sat in a hallway and threw a toy and told them to fetch. Once they picked up the toy, we pushed the button on the remote every time we said, Come, Rufus. We repeated this phrase and pushing the button and the second time we threw a toy and repeated the phrase/pushed the button. Our puppy knew their name AND knew to release the toy to be thrown again and again. I was amazed how simple this process was.

If you spend the time and train them right, I think you can thrive with one puppy or two. They need love which is easy. Training which is the collar, a toy which is the chew toy, and lastly ear maintenance if your bread is prone to ear infections.

Enjoy your new addition. They grow fast and will bring your family many great memories.

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