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Getting out of debt is so hard, but worth every struggle. We got out of debt faster by starting side businesses.

We did and still do a variety of jobs.

When we were getting out of debt, I got my real estate license. I had young babies from ages 3-7. It was a struggle to go to night school and learn something new. Even though we had to pay several thousand in fees to get licensed, we needed a way out of our debt.

Currently my husband has even become certified for financial coaching and option trading. These licenses also cost us thousands, but now that we are out of debt, these licenses give us comfort in case my husband is laid off from a high turnover industry.

Now maybe you are saying new licenses cost money or my job does not lend itself well to moonlighting. Don't worry. You can still make money even without the start up money.

You will get out of debt faster if you have an extra form of income.

I have over the years dabbled in different direct marketing sales, but usually to receive the discount for the products I would have purchased anyway. I know all the stigma behind direct sales, but I am use to sales. If you think hard enough, I would say that most of us sell in some capacity.

For me, I either sold corporate accounts for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, or allergy/asthma or osteoporosis medication, or I sold real-estate.

I was guilted into Amway years ago, because a doctor I called on was a part of Amway. I joined Crunchi, a chemical free makeup company and Doterra, an essential oil company all for the discount. I never made money on any of these companies. I am not saying you could not make money, but I personally didn’t make money. Some might say I picked the wrong companies. If money gets tight, you might not buy more makeup or essential oils. This is all true so be careful which company you choose to sell for.

I recently picked a company, Isagenix, that gives me my eating lifestyle back and pays me well for using their products. I like that they reward me weekly and I wish I would have known about this company when I was getting out of debt.

I don't know what your best fit is for you in the season you are in right now, but you will get out of debt faster if you have another form of income at least for awhile. As always, we are here to help you on your financial journey. And it is a journey, not a quick fix. #evolvinghealthandwealth #gethealthybehealthy #isagenixbusiness

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