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People That Fill You Up

We all have those friends and family that are so supportive no matter what you do in life,

no matter who you marry in life,

and no matter what opinions you have

even if they are not popular opinions.

So why is it easier to listen to the bad things that are said about our choices?

I have friends and family that I would be happy to see daily. My mood lifts and my stress lowers. But for some reason I still surround myself from time to time with the negative poor me people. I am getting better at seeing which people in my life are healthier choices, but it can still be a struggle.

My children have less of a struggle. They are sometimes required to be with certain friends and family that they don’t feel a positive energy from, but I require it because it is easier. It rocks the boat less. I don’t have to explain why my kids are not there. But is this healthy for them or me?

So why is it easier to listen to the bad things that are said about our choices?

I have been trying to show my kids that sometimes you have to get along with difficult people. You may not always be lifted up from the people you are around, but you have to be polite. Is it the job of others to put us in a good place or is that the work we need to do in our lives?

Sometimes I feel like the more work I do on myself, the more I uncover that I need to do. It can feel exhausting, but then I have that moment. That moment that I say no to someone I normally would have bent over backwards to help even though that event does not lift me up. That event puts me behind and overwhelms my life.

When I do have the courage to say no, I feel amazing.

I feel like stress was lifted off my shoulders.

I feel healthier and happier.

I have a sense of power over my life and it feels great.

So, should I look to my kids’ example? Should I find more friends that lift me up? Should I spend less and less time with the people with the negative vibes? Should I look at gaining new friends and new experiences to lift me up?

We support our children and teach them to think for themselves. I have to admit that when they say they don’t want to attend a function, I still struggle. My gut has been to take them anyway. But when they continue to not want to be around certain people, at some point we have to listen and hear them out.

During these talks with my kids, I realized that I have taught them to be strong individuals.

They are not perfect, but neither are their parents.

We continue to try our best, but in this instance, maybe I take a page from my kids perspective. Maybe sometimes I say no or I let a call go to voicemail. No matter how you pluck the negative out of your life, you just start.

Maybe it is your own journey and you are just growing and improving.

Maybe your outlook on life is improving and you are realizing what is important.

Maybe other people in your life need to grow to keep up with you.

Maybe, just maybe, we can encourage each other’s growth and make all our lives better.

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