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Parenting Without Worry

A parent’s worst fear, something bad happens to one of your children. It is such a fear for me as a mother, I almost cannot breathe when I think of all the bad that could possibly happen.

As parents we do our best to protect them and keep them safe. We try to create this peaceful world where they don’t have to worry about anything. They don’t worry about being harmed. They are in a safe environment and well loved.

We think we have them protected and have done everything right. But then that day comes where you could not stop their pain.

That day comes that you have feared for so long.

Maybe they fell from the monkey bars and broke their arm.

Maybe they have been in a car accident after you trusted that mother to get your child home safely.

Maybe they sneak out of the house like I did to toilet paper someone’s house and some crazy person comes by and shows them too much attention.

Maybe they leave for school one day and they never come home.

No message.

No clues to what has happened to them.

In my mind, the bad possibilities are endless. But why do I go to this extreme? Why don’t I think of only the good that can come from them walking out of our safe home? Why don’t I think of their day as being full of great experiences and trusting that they will be fine?

Do I only see the glass as half empty?

Am I too bombarded with all the bad news clips on the TV?

Do I not trust in God to keep the world spinning?

Why can I not be a parent without a life of worry? Is this the signal of how much I love them? Is it because I love them so much that I cannot imagine my life without them?

I am not sure what the answer is for me and my family.

I don’t know how to not worry.

I am going to try to worry less and pray more.

I am going to remind myself that something good always can come from a tragedy.

I am going to remind myself that our tragedies make us strong and compassionate.

I am going to remember to breathe.

I am going to remember to be kind to other parents because this is hard.

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