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Parenting: Admitting You need Help

Parenting is the hardest job. You are never off the clock. You spend all your time taking care of someone else or a whole group of someones.

Time management becomes your priority, but you are so tired. You feel guilty for playing with your children because you have so many other things to do.

People ask if you need help, but pride gets in the way and I would always say no help needed.

I’ve got this.

Time management becomes your priority, but you are so tired.

I could stop parenting and put my kids in front of a devise.

Then I could work or do chores around the house.

My kids would ask for a snack and instead of stopping what I was doing, I would let them go into the pantry and pick whatever so I did not have to parent.

It’s not that I did not want to parent, but I was so overwhelmed.

As parents, we take on too much.

Then I would throw together lunch or mostly pull out a Lunchable. They would eat and I was still working. Then off to nap time they went.

If I took a nap with them, they took short naps. If I stayed up working and didn’t need them to necessarily take a long nap, they would sleep forever!

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Then they would wake and back on a devise with a snack so I could work. Somedays this is the time I would realize we had no dinner plans so load everyone up to head to the grocery store.

I would buy items that I did not need to either keep my children happy or give me enough energy to survive the shopping trip.

If this sounds like your child’s life, then stop!

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