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My Kids Happiest Memories

I read recently when your child leaves your home, they have about five special memories when they look back on their childhood. Having teenagers and preteens, this made me wonder have they already had those experiences that they will remember forever?

Now these memories are not the things we do daily.

They are not the praying and eat as a family every night or the songs and bedtime stories before they fall asleep.

These memories do not include teaching them how to cook or do laundry or save for a special purchase.

These are all important and they will choose the ones they like and keep those as a parent and improve on others for their family.

The handful of special memories that this article was talking about might be the vacations you take as a family.

We recently went to World Youth Day in Panama and my kids are still talking about that months later. I think that might be one memory for my kids because it was a beautiful place while being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of youth that shared their same faith. They practiced their Spanish and enjoyed renting an apartment overlooking the bay.

We bumped a log that kept us from driving off a cliff and barely got turned around before a truck came at us head on.

We use to have an RV that we had many adventures in, but the one they seem to remember the best was the first adventure. We were traveling through Yosemite in the dark. We were running behind schedule after spending some fun time with our cousins. We were depending on our cell phone for directions and lost service in the mountains. It was dark and we missed our turn. We were driving a 39 foot RV and thought our best way to find our park was to turn around on the two lane road. We bumped a log that kept us from driving off a cliff and barely got turned around before a truck came at us head on. It was our first day driving such a large rig and in a new national park. The kids still talk about how frazzled my husband and I were so this might be one of their memories.

We had amazing friends come to town for several weeks where we hiked so many different trails and found naturally air conditioned caves. We all climbed up large boulders that the mom in me thought someone would break something. We rented boats where we fished and the kids took turns driving. They stayed up late talking and we made huge meals and sat together as it was a nightly occurrence. I think this will be one of my kids memories that will last a lifetime.

So if they have had three stories they will hold for a lifetime, does that mean that I have just a few years to make two more memories with them before they leave?

As a mom, do you put this kind of pressure on yourself for the weekends?

Do you find you want to stretch the weekends because you love the people your children are becoming and you want it to last just a few more hours?

I hope this article was wrong and we have many more life long memories from our childhood than five.

I hope my kids get together as a adults and talk for days about all their memories.

I hope they think we did a good job showing them the world.

I hope. I hope.

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