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My Tips to a Successful Marriage

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Marriages cannot be self-sustaining. They cannot thrive on autopilot. They can however, be a great adventure.

As I look back in our marriage of almost twenty years, I can easily see the good years verses the great years. The great years we seemed to communicate about our schedules well. We went on dates monthly and walks weekly. We spent time together talking, but also about our dreams.

Dreaming for a couple is as important as getting all the chores done and kids to places on time. Dreaming puts hope back into the marriage.

If you don't have a date set up with your spouse for this month, then come together this week and put something on the calendar. We are all busy, but a date night once per month is a requirement. Think of it as the water for your plant. It is the bare basic need to keep your family together.

In my home, my husband and I have a goal of three hugs per day.

Your daily hugs or intimate touch is like the fertilizing for your plant. The fertilizing is only necessary if you want that plant to thrive or continue to grow. It might live without the fertilizing for awhile, but both your marriage and the plant will continue to wither away without some kind of touch or fertilizing.

In my home, my husband and I have a goal of three hugs per day. Now these are embraces of five seconds or more. They are the hugs like we are going to be okay and weather this storm type of hugs. These are not intimate hugs. They lead nowhere, gentlemen. They are the reassurance that woman need to know that the day is going to be okay.

I would also say both marriages and plants need communication. Both need it for different reasons. Communication is like the glue to keep a marriage together. It means that the other person is invested in you. For a plant, they need the oxygen, but I would say the attention too.

And lastly we have the sun. I like to think of the sun in a marriage as the laughter.

The fun adventures.

The good days.

The laughter and fun times create memories that cover us like a warm blanket. They cover us when we are sad and lonely. The sun warms the plant just like our memories blanket our soul. 

Marriage is an adventure, but so worth the missed flights or the security lines. An adventure can get messy, but it is so worth the trip in the end. God intended us to have joy in our marriage. He intended happy times for us.

Not perfection, but happiness.

Our marriage, the ultimate adventure, is a gift.

A gift to treasure.

Make sure you treasure this bond by loving your spouse well. Set time aside to treasure them and dream together about your beautiful and happy future.

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