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Junk drawers. We all have them.

We all have them. We all despise them. But we can live without them.

Junk drawers.

Have the trash can and recycling next to the drawer you are working on. Most of our junk drawers are broken items, papers I don’t understand, or misplaced items.

If I don’t know what the paper is for, I get rid of it.

If I was saving it because it was precious, now it is probably all wrinkled. I will capture the next amazing thing my child makes.

Get rid of it.

The broken items go immediately into the trash. I have not fixed them by now so I likely won’t do it in the future.

Now time for your kids to help. Offer them a treat if they don’t want to help.

If you find bathroom items like hair ties, send one child to drop those off in the correct bathroom.

Maybe the next child takes any tools back to the garage. Then the first child is back and they can be checking to see if all the pens still work.

Delegate everything you can to a helping child. The project will go faster.

Now for the phone cords and small office items like paper clips. I like to put cords in a ziplock bag. Even if my children don’t zip the bag, they still look so much nicer than five cords loose in the drawer.

The paper clips can go in bags as well, but I like to have fun with them. I put them in those little containers that your children made for you over the years. If you did not keep any of those then put your small items in a cute dish or old candle holder.

Once the drawer is organized, I promise you will have a smile on your face every time you open that drawer.

This is a little thing you can do for your sanity.

I promise it will be contagious.

Soon you will be looking for drawers to organize.

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