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My Daily Dinner Struggle

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

I find myself standing in the kitchen trying to come up with yet another healthy meal to prepare my family. I have finished working, but have hours of paperwork to do, but I have to get this meal done before we leave for all the kid activities.

This meal represents so much for me. It is how I am trying to keep my family on budget. Trying for one more day to not go through the drive thru and spend $20-$30 on bad for us food.

This meal represents the love that I have for my family. The desire that I have to keep my family healthy. I want them to feel my love with every bite.

These are the hopes that I have when I enter into the kitchen. Unfortunately, this is like nothing that really happens.

My kids come in one by one and ask what is for dinner. I feel some of their sighs and others express their disappointment verbally. Some like it, but then my husband enters and if it is healthy, he might repeat what we are having. Such as, “oh good, we are having soup”. When he really means, please Lord, let us be having anything other than soup for dinner.

So, even though these expressions maybe innocent in their meaning. They greatly hurt my feelings. Do you feel like the only mom that feels like a failure? Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to make everyone in your home happy?

Why as a mom, can you not just focus on the great time you will have once you make this meal?

I have tried having each child have a cooking night, but I only have one out of three that likes to cook. That child really likes to bake, but she is helpful in the kitchen. Instead of cooking being a positive thing, they think of it as a chore.

I have required everyone to learn at least one meal so when they leave our home for college, they can have something healthy to occasionally fix.

I am not complaining. Truly I am so happy to have a family that needs me. I am happy to have been blessed with a family to care for.

This is the one time of the day that we all come together to talk about our experiences. We share and laugh over a meal together. We cherish these moments every night as we pray together and watch our kids interact. They are becoming these great young adults that I am having so much fun being around.

So why do I feel all this pressure of creating a healthy dinner if we end up at the table sharing this beautiful experience?

Why as a mom, can you not just focus on the great time you will have once you make this meal?

Why can you not easily be that super chilled mom that your kids crave?

What is the answer for all us moms? Maybe we get together with our friends and cook several meals over a glass of wine and lots of laughter on the weekend so we have meals to take out at the last minute?

What do you think? Do I have any takers for weekend meal prep over wine? I will even open my kitchen up to the mess. Let’s help each other get through this cooking struggle and enjoy our meal time more. Who is in?

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