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How do you Love your Children well?

We try to go on a date night once a week. Now sometimes this is a cheap date because our budget may not always allow for more than a few dollars to be spent. When our kids were young we would put them to bed and go to our backyard and talk over a drink.

These are the moments that we would dream about our future.

These are some of my favorite memories.

Now that our children are older, we have found that we need to physically leave our home.

They now understand that keeping our marriage strong also keeps our family strong.

Now that our kids are older,

we explain to them that if mom and dad don’t keep working on our marriage through dates,

then our whole family can fall apart.

They now understand that keeping our marriage strong also keeps our family strong.

This also puts us in a great mood when we return to our family. When children understand why we are doing something and what it means to them, they are more welcoming of mom and dad leaving them with a sitter.

Another way we love our children is by bringing our family together to pray. We pray before dinner and try to keep dinner sacred. Dinner time is flexible depending on our nightly activities, but we still come together nightly. We also pray before bedtime to put our kids in the correct mindset for going to bed on.

Every evening we try to spend time one on one with each child sharing tender moments.

While they are young this includes reading together and hearing their special song. We like a predictable evening routine. After dinner our children bathe and brush their teeth. They clean up their bathroom and bring their dirty clothes to the laundry room. Then then read until we come into their room to say good night.

We have chosen to love our children by not yelling at them. We get down on their level on one knee and talk to them like a young adult. We found that explaining what we needed and why we needed that from our kids insured that they were better behaved.

When they did act out, we chose not to spank more because we felt like that was more a sign of our frustration than a good way to parent.

To recap, you need to take care of your marriage first.

Then you can pray as a family and have some tender moments through a predictable bedtime routine.

Speak to them like young adults and you might be surprised at the good behaviors you see from your children.

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